We woke up early on the 4th to prepare  for the ” Horrible Parade”  which is a tradition in Winthrop.  The family home is on Grand View Avenue which  faces the Boston Harbor and what a “grand View ” it is !  All we had to do was decorate ourselves appropriately, walk outside and sit on the sea wall and wait for the parade to come by.

But first, Uncle George pulled up in a beautiful  red Thunderbird convertible which lured us out into the street .._DSC6815

We could hear the parade approaching  in the distance….




no parade is complete without the bagpipes…


The photographer wanted to get into the picture 🙂


I am still cursing that #$%@!  little blue balloon …





Lovely girls taking a “spin” in the Thunderbird ….


Uncle George and Bonnie taking a real spin in the Thunderbird…



The parade was followed with a barbeque and pool time and of course some “jumping” pictures 🙂  Second cousins Christina , Laura Jean and Haley , although only meeting a few days ago for the first time had an immediate bonding and it was as if they had known each other their whole lives.


Back to Grand View Avenue for Fireworks …


As we waited for the show at the end of our block to begin, we looked towards Boston and saw the fireworks in the city..


Everyone had been talking about the experience of a Winthrop firework show and how nothing could ever live up it once we had seen one and I have to admit… it was the most memorable one I have ever seen….





Despite predicted continuing rainfall, Friday was a beautiful day  just as Haley’s mother Emily had predicted!

We settled in and took off to explore Winthrop, a beautiful New Eangland coastal peninsula 1.6 miles in size,   My brother Bruce , his wife Linda, their daughter Laura Jean, Haley and I took off for a  hike on Deer Island and saw a cruise ship heading out to sea.

Haley in the backyard  of the family home.






My brother Bruce and his wife Linda ..


Later that day we celebrated Linda’s birthday


And then the preparations began for a New England 4th of July beginning with patriotic fingernail painting by the girls 🙂


We took the shuttle to Oakland airport at 9:20 on Thursday 7/2 and  were very excited as we pushed our luggage cart towards the jet blue counter.  Haley confided that recent news reports had made here a little apprehensive about flying and I reassured here the way a grandmother would … I must say that I giggled to myself as anyone who knows me, knows that I have been on the receiving side of the reassuring talk many times so to be giving it was a considerable sign of growth for me ..

Boston has been plagued with record breaking rain numbers recentlyand yep you guessed it … we were told our flight had been delayed three hours to start maybe more … Sooo this is how we spent our day !


We exhausted the batteries on every digital appliance we had … but at around  four ocolock we were cleared to fly…

Wednesday 7/1/09 I started out with my niece Chelsea  to San Francisco to pick up Haley and spend a little time with some relatives from Southern Californina before heading out of Oakland to Boston the following morning … It was a beautiful day in the city and a nice way to spend the evening before taking off on a long plane across the country ..  So we start our adventure here…

Two girls heading off on a journey to remember …


A warm goodbye to Mama …


A little reunion in the City ….


A picture perfect postcard of  Chelsea Ambria , Haley and myself  to remember the day ..


A final moment with Papa  in the parking garage .._DSC6447

And we’re off !   _DSC6474

Or so we thought …


Well Today’s the day !

Our long awaited trip to my hometown of Boston begins today ! I will be leaving shortly to go to San Francisco to pickup my Granddaughter Haley.  Her parents have been kind enough to loan her to me for this trip !  We have lots of activities planned starting today ‘well first meet up with some Southern California relatives in San Francisco for dinner and then spend the evening at Oakland Airport where we will fly out tomorrow morning to Boston.

The first part of our trip will be spent in Winthrop with with family and then the two of us are of to the City!   We will walk The Freedom Trail , see a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, take photo walking tours  and lots lots more … Stay tuned to my blog over the next 10 or so days as this is mainly how I will be updating friends and relatives of our adventure..

The picture choice above of Haley and I getting ready to get into a teeeny tiny airplane is one I came across the other night and thought it appropriate as it is one of the last REALLY BIG adventures we went on together , a trip to Alaska!  Haley is 10 now and I too am several years older 🙂 !

We’ll write more from Boston 🙂




After a month of feeling under the weather, I really thought I would be home alone sick in bed Christmas eve and Christmas Day but somehow somewhere deep inside after loving encouragement I made my way to San Francisco for a picture perfect Christmas…

In Memory of My Mom


Barbara Ann Bolster December 23, 1931 – October 27, 1979

It seems this is a hard week emotionally for me every year.. The holidays are always filled with memories and today would have been my mother’s 77th birthday…  She died at 47 from gliobasta multiforme, a deadly brain tumor.